by Big Monti Amundson



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Man, I've done some bone-head shit in my time. Out of my frustration of not being able to get distribution in the USA through my European record company, I bootlegged my own album, "Man On The Floor". I wasn't trying to rule the world on this one, I just wanted to have some CDs to sell driving up and down the I-5 corridor. It irked me (still does) to have to pay a record company $5 for a CD with my music on it. So I printed up 300 "Bootleg" CDs and landed a story in The Oregonian covering our CD release party. I didn't EVEN want to think about how my record company in Holland might react to the news of my little bootlegging scheme. I know. I know. Really dumb.

The day after the article in The Oregonian ran, I got a call from Bert. Bert IS the record company. It's 6 am, I can't even think yet. How the hell can Bert already know about this? What? Does he have a computer or some such devise? Why did I pick up the phone?

He was not happy at first. But he's a good guy and somehow we worked out a deal that prevented the destruction of our relationship. I owe a lot to Bert. I'd probably still be pulling wire through 2" conduit in a dying mill somewhere in Oregon were it not for his belief in me as an artist.

- Big Monti


released November 1, 1997

copyright M. Amundson


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